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The Eyes of A Dreamer

December 24, 2011
By CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
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As the hole cut into my heart even deeper, In my dark soul i realized i was a sleeper.
So i took some pills closed my eyes and i seen her.
And it kills every time that i meet her,
Cause i know she’s just a dream, from the eyes of a dreamer.

So in my sleep i began to toss and turn,
For the pain had only gotten worse.
Every second that my heart began to burn,
I still couldn't get over the thought of her.

He woke up throwing up in some tubes,
The IV's poked his nerves through and through.
The Dr. said something about substance abuse, And the nurse came to give him the truth.

So i looked up at the busy nurse,
And she told me how lucky i was to be alive.
too bad she couldn’t make him feel it on the inside.
So he signed from the place in which he died.
So he took one last look in her eyes,
Dropped his heart full of solid ice,
And suddenly the pain grew deeper.
He grew blue as the dark sacred nights,
Stiffened up in his arms and his thighs,
And he died as hopeless deceiver,
Only known, in the town as the silent sleeper.

Later on his family found a box in his closet,
It was a heart shaped silver neck locket,
I guess he use to carry it around all the time in his pocket.
It was the only hope he had when he got it.
His sister opened the center which unlocked it,
The family tears grew strong they couldn’t stop it.
He carried his love life locked in his pocket.
It was the picture of a girl and there son slash brother,
Back in the time when the two were great lovers,
And it was incrusted by the words of the silent sleeper,
“I know she's just a dream, from the eyes of a dreamer.”

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