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I Understand

December 24, 2011
By CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
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When i was young,

i watched saints turn into sinners.

as i got older,

the players turned into quitters.


i understand

what its like

to be in love,

because i’ve always wanted

to hold something,

to know

it would never leave my arms.

I understand

what its like

to be a killer.

because i’ve always wanted

to kill

the people who’ve brought harm.

I understand

what its like to leave your kids for drugs

cause when you were growing up,

you had no one to show you love.

i understand why some will pull triggers,

or why some brothers and sisters

like to carve there sutures,

everyday abusers.

i understand

that sex is the weakness

and a lot of us

get our pride taken

without ever developing feelings.


slowly she waits

for a guy to take,

her heart

he loved her from the start,

but the ones she loved left her in the dark.


crying to the ceiling,

she calls for a god,

that wont even hear her preaching,

her feelings,

she's screaming with no meaning,

now she cuts herself,

maybe to release her inner demon,

she's bleeding,

and she wants to bleed more,

and because she's got the itch,

now she's known as a whore,

we treat her as she's leaving,

or begging us for more.

little did we know,

she's dead on the floor.

I understand

that drugs are the reason,

most people become killers,

or abusive with the seasons,

the feeling,

the drive,

the thrill

the high,

the love,

the pride,

we lose,

then we die.

I understand

whats its like to be addicted,

to be stuck in a world

where no one ever listens,

i understand

that we’d rather be forgetting

forgetting all

the pain and the stains

amongst the living.

theres only one difference between

Me and the drug,

along the darkest roads,

I never forgot who i Was.

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