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Lonely Man Of The Moon

December 24, 2011
By CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
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if you take the "F" out of Life
you'll be living a lie-Carz Kemp

This Is A Smile

That I No Longer Recognize.

We’re Now Just Lost In Are Hearts Wasting Time.

We Hold Onto Yesterday, Swallowing Our Pride,

As We Fall Away And Watch Stars Collide.

But I’ve Learned, The Whole Purpose Of Love

Is Trying To Survive, But How Can We Live,

When We’re Living To Die?

We Have These Dreams, That Love Seems To Swallow,

We Can No Longer Chase Them,

As Love Has New Dreams To Borrow.

We Wait For Time To Erase Us,

To Bring Us The Better Tomorrow.

And We Change,

We Change In Our Sorrow.

I’ve Taken A Good Look,

Its Not Fooling Me,

That I’m No Longer The Person

That I Use To Be.

Some Say I’m Better, Some Say I’m Dead.

Some Say I’m Searching For Forgiveness In The Things That I’ve Said.

I’d Really Just Like To Believe That Maybe

I’m Running Just A Little Too Fast,

On A Journey Mislead.

So I’m Writing This Letter Now,

A Letter To The Stars,

And If You Can Find A Soul

That Can Truly Know My Heart,

Then Maybe You Can Pass My Words,

As A Letter From Afar.

Then Maybe I Won’t Be The Only One

Sitting Alone In The Dark,

Waiting For The Break,

When The Climax

Ends My Heart.

Some Are Afraid Of Living,

And When The End Comes Most Are Afraid To Die.

But I’m Not Afraid Of Any Of That,

I’m Afraid Of Being Trapped Inside.

Cause These Walls That Cage Me,

Are Demeaning My Chance To Survive.

With Our Dreams Being Far,

And Our Goals Being Strange,

We Forget What Were Born Too,

And That Was To Never Change,

But Wouldn't You Rather Live Your Life,

Knowing Your Is Self-Made.

Too Never Have To Place The Blame,

That This Is Where You Are,

Alone In Your Dying Days

Writing Letters To The Stars,

Hoping For The Start Of Change,

When You No Longer Know Who You Are.

I’ve Been Meaning To Get Deep,

Too Really Show You A Piece Of Me.

But I Don't Want To Hold You Up

In My Selfish Festivities.

So I’m Cutting My Letter Short,

In Hopes That You’ll Hear My Read,

I’m Sorry That I’ve Changed Your Life,

That You’ve Watched The Change In Me,

I Just Hope That Live Your Life,

Finding What You Hope To Be,

Some Say To Find Your Love,

But Learn To Never Let Go Of Your Dreams,

Cause Eventually In Your End Of Days,

You’ll Turn Out;

To End Up Like Me.

So Ps. My Darling Friend,

I Hope To See You Soon

And Hope You Take Your Wisest Steps

From The Lonely Man Of The Moon.

Perhaps One-Day You’ll See Him Too,

On The Most Important

Journey Of Finding You

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