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I'll Come Back for You

December 24, 2011
By CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
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We’ve walked a long journey,

along the way,

us two have bumped heads.

us two have bumped hearts.

but... we never hurt each-other.

and thats whats most important to me.

face it, we have a long miserable road ahead of us,

and i believe, i trust, that if we want each other,

if we want this life lovers call forever, and by god i do,

then maybe we should go our separate ways, after all

we are only kids. we cant run off and expect everything good to happen to us,

if we want this life we call forever, we need to chase the good first..

the good in ourselves, the good that we see in each other everyday.

if we stick together, we have to ask ourselves this,

what if we lose ourselves down this miserable long road?

what if we fall out of love with each other, thats something i don't want.

I want happiness. and if happiness means spending forever with you, then thats what i want. but can we have it, can we have it if we take this walk together?

truth is, we cant. we’ll forget who we are in our misery, and in the long run doing something we might regret. face it, thats the truth, thats how this love thing works.

So, i have this hard solution, and i’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time,

i’ve seen how relationships work, we fall young, and in the end we hurt the ones we love most. you don't believe me? take a look at your parents.

you know they didn't get there happy ending,

they had you. you see them arguing every night, and you worry about if there going to split up, or maybe even get a divorce.

they fell in love young, and thats where they died.

they let themselves go for love.

now don't get me wrong, love is a special thing,

but there is always that one girl,

hell that one guy,

that sets them selves different from the crowd.

You know that they’d never hurt you.

you know that there gonna have your back through thick and thin.

well i’m tired.

I’m tired of getting hurt,

I’m tired of the cheating.

I’m tired of the lying.

I’m tired of being told i’m this great magnificent guy, that any one would be lucky to have me, but in the end...when i pursue you, when i go for what i want, you turn your back on me, and it only proves your were full of s***.

hell i’m tired of girls waiting to tell me the truth,

that they don't like me, that were better off friends.

Why should i have to hurt anymore?


I finally figured it all out.

I figured out, who’s gonna have my back.

I figured out who's back I’m gonna have.

and i’ve figured out how to keep it that way,

without that gritty miserable ending.

the solution is going to hurt.

but it makes sense.

were young, we shouldn’t be trying to be anymore than that.

the young dream, we should follow them.

thats the road.

thats the journey.

our lives shouldn't intersect, in a way that would change that.

our dreams are who we are.

if we let go of that.

if we jeopardize that.

we lose our selves.

I don't want to lose my self,

especially if it means spending the rest of my life with you.

we need to find ourselves, before we have each other.

and realistically, that means an end to this young love.

but not completely, as we go our separate ways, thats the thing we hold onto as were following our destiny.

So, i want you to know, that i love you.

I always will.

but this is something i have to do.

this is my journey.

and one day,

it will be our journey.

so don't cry,

please don't shed a tear.

you have a long road ahead of you.

we all do.

it will all make sense in the end.

don’t think that i’ll forget about this,

don't think i’ll find someone new,

Hold on to the life of forever,

and just know,

I’ll come back for you.

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