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Dreamy Nightmare

December 26, 2011
By TaoTwins SILVER, Seattle, Indiana
TaoTwins SILVER, Seattle, Indiana
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I am the wisest man alive, because I know one thing, and that one thing is that I know nothing~Socrates

In-between the sunless moon
Beats life inside the earthly shadows
A voice distinct for darkness hollers
You must give in, you must give in
And in he steps with thoughts aside
And feelings dead his soul it lies
Inside the womb of warm embrace
Disguised, a smile by the devils face
Followed by a lovely tune
That puts to sleep the awful truth
With eyes closed shut the child weeps
For suns they swear' the darkness leaves '
But light is not permitted and
The children like the lonely hand
They sing dreams are richer than what you see
And so, begone... Reality

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