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Oh how can it be?

January 4, 2012
By AmmmyMarie GOLD, Silverton, Oregon
AmmmyMarie GOLD, Silverton, Oregon
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Daddy, oh how can it be?
The man i've always seen.
So strong and pure.
With a hope and dream for his little girl.
To have and to hold, to the day she leaves home.
Like a baby bird begginning to fly, you let her test her wings.
No matter how many time she falls, you pick her up and set her on her feet.
The one who looks up to you with those deep brown eyes,
The beauty in the little girl you can say is "all mine"
Protecting her from the world,
filling her life with the sweetest things to be seen,
like the fluttering of a butterfly in the spring,
the fresh furit on an apple tree.
Taking her in your arms and saying your all mine.
This little girl, who seems to be.
Everything you wish she would grow to be,
is losing everything,
when you walk away,
douting evey single day,
The reasoning of your mind, that made you leave,
to have you stay one more day,

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