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Black and White and Blue

December 9, 2011
By Blueeyedgirl18 GOLD, Kulpmont, Pennsylvania
Blueeyedgirl18 GOLD, Kulpmont, Pennsylvania
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Black and white,
black and white,
Black and white and blue.
that's the word that I see,
how about you.
White is high,
light and clear.
Black is scary,
dark and always near.
white is touching clouds,
never tied down.
Up in the air,
without a single care.
Black hurts like fire,
to touch but is cold as ice,
beg to be in your grave,
kill for a bloody rush.
Blue is feet on pavement,
head on shoulders,
down to earth and reality at it's finest.
Black and white
black and white
black and white and blue.
That's how I see the world in black and white and blue.
White is high black is low and blue is where I want to be.
Sadly I don't choose my colors they choose me.
Most days blue stays for a while,
but when black comes,
I feel it coming for miles,
It overtakes me,
Chokes me,
drowns me,
keeps me from coming up for air.
It's a dark void in space,
where no one wants to wander.
It's cold
no life,
gives me time to ponder,
my thoughts,
my life,
my family,
my friends,
after that I just lie there awake
wondering if my life ends
or later elsewhere.
Sometimes i get thrown a latter,
get pulled up out of the void.
I'm so happy i drift into white,
I start to soar,
then sometime i crash and burn
or gently fall back to blue.
This is a never ending cycle.
I will never escape it.
So I'm careful not to take flight.
Or trip and fall into a hole.
So i watch where I walk,
keep my feet on the ground,
and pray that I stay in blue forever.
Black and white
black and white
black and white and blue
sadly those are the colors of my world,
how about you?

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my emotions.

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