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You and I

January 8, 2012
By day_dreemer BRONZE, Northfield, New Jersey
day_dreemer BRONZE, Northfield, New Jersey
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You and I,
Well it's been a while,
Since we had our last conversation.
It ended on an awkward note,
In my telling of the truth.
But I think it's something
You deserved to know.
I know I'm speaking way too much,
You'll have a chance to respond,
But I must apologize for running.
Running from you, and myself
And those feelings.
Now I know you don't feel the same,
How could you?
I'm not all that great,
And even though you and I,
Have been friends for quite a while,
This isn't going to work.
I just want say it again,
You are my everything and-
What's that?
Love me?
You do?!?
Well now I feel better.

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