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Blue Shirt

January 12, 2012
By ElleAhre PLATINUM, Gloucester, Massachusetts
ElleAhre PLATINUM, Gloucester, Massachusetts
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"you can close your eyes to everything you do not want to see, but you can not close you heart to things you do not want to feel"

You in your blue shirt

That’s how you let me know

It’s what gets me through Wednesdays

And just plain hard days

It’s what gets me to smile no matter how hard the tears are coming

With no labels No obligation No responsibility

You where it to make me happy

To prove that you care

Because I told you so Just once

That’s when it started

Because you bought a bright blue sweatshirt for when you have to do laundry

And suddenly blue is the happiest color there is

Its clear skies full of hope and sunlight

It’s the color if your kind caring eyes

It’s just the fabulous person you are

You’re a- where- a- blue- shirt- every- single- day- just- because- once- in- passing- -I told- you- you- looked- good- in- it- and- no- matter- what- people- do- or- say- you- where- a- blue- so- I- could- see- your- bright- eyes- form- down- the- hallways

And it gets me through the day

You in your blue shirt

The author's comments:
true story about the most wounderful just most considerate person who would do absolutly anything just to show you he cares

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