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Mirroring Self

January 12, 2012
By Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
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As the moments pass by, I see the colors reflecting off the mirror. The mixture of blue, red, green, yellow, and white those precise sights. Yet when I look close enough, I see the flaws that come about, the mistakes that have happened from chemical failures. Those colors now looking dull, dirty, a sense of flaw. When I snap back into reality that once beautiful picture is now just a blob, staring back at me looking into my eyes. That beautiful picture, how I remember the great precious piece of art. But my mind finally snaps back together, that picture I was once in love with has a horrid side to it. The memories flashing back into my head, those moments of fierce anger and suffering. Once a happy moment, now turned sour as if sucking onto a lemon. My eyes pucker at the sight of the horrific visions and tear up from the torturing pains. Those memories will never leave my mind, that anger will always lay dormant into my soul. But now I have to do what is right, I have to shelter these memories and hold them back from peaking it's head out. These memories will forever be with me, but they will rarely ever come out again. I may hate myself for keeping them there, but it's better than it taking over. It had a leash on me, but now it will suffer like my innocence did. The cage where my innocence lied is now taken over by the anger and pain. Finally, I have over taken those torturous memories. Now I can see the picture as it truly is. Me.

The author's comments:
Just was in my way to a Play competition thinking about life and how things have effected me and the things around the world

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