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Is this, Truly Me?...

January 12, 2012
By Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
Nathanael SILVER, Tomball, Texas
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I sit here seeing the great colors passing by through the window, the mixture of the green grass and the gracious scenery of the sky above it. the distinct difference of the tree leaves from the backdrop of the clouds, bringing such great joy to my once burdened soul. Occasionally a bird would fly by, gently flowing with the wind as if floating in sync with the clouds. Knowing what great wonders have come from the one little moment of God thinking of our future, the tortuous betrayals, and the myrterd sacrifices. And those betrayals made known to the people that see the once beautiful land scorched by fire and sin. Greed took over and the forest weeps as all these buildings are being made, torn down as they fall down like tears on a face. Corruption grew long and strong as the years went by and sin grew stronger with it. You can see what is left of the trees, green and red and a hint of yellow, the survivors. They bend with the wind to show they they are the last ones standing. But with the way that things are going, it seems like even they will one day be gone, torn root from root. Though society is a great thing that is now needed with our world, it has come at a great cost, the cost of true natural beauty. But now i look, at all these wonderful people around me, all here made by God. Though we may be a part of the destruction of natural beauty, we will forever stay strong with God and he will always love us no matter our sin. For we are his children.

The author's comments:
Noticing how I have been affected through my choices and how i feel about my life in general after losing a good friend of mine(through fight not death)

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