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To Those Who Have Forgotten

January 12, 2012
By xSilent-Heartx SILVER, Kemp, Texas
xSilent-Heartx SILVER, Kemp, Texas
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To those who have forgotten what it's like to love.
To those who can't remember the good times that now hide beneath the bad.
To those who listen to the voices telling you you're not good enough.
To those who let go on the outside, but still linger on the inside.
To those who can't seem to make themselves look in the mirror because they think they aren't good enough.
To those who look on and never join in and play the passerby.
To those who don't have friends.

I think it's time you knew that you aren't alone....

I too had forgotten what it was like to love.
I too had lost the few good times beneath the crushing weight of the bad.
I too have listened to the voices that swore that I was da**ed.
I too have let go of the lost, only to linger still further inside.
I too had neglected mirrors for the fear of a life shattering curse.
I too have stood in the corner and played as the passerby.
I too have been without friends.

But things have changed.

I now know love.
I now feel the good times surface slowly beneath the fabrics of my heart.
I now no longer listen to those threatening voices that I have locked away.
I now have learned that letting go allows the lost to be found.
Like that broken mirror, I know that I now have a frame to hold me while I heal.
I now stand with everyone.
I now have friends.

So let me join you as you heal so you know that you are never alone.

Let me be the love.
Let me be a part of the good times.
Let me help fight away the voices.
Let me hold you as you let go.
Let me stand with you.
Let me be your friend.

Take my hand as this journey ends so we both know the proof of survival still stands.

The author's comments:
Definitely one of my darker pieces, but it has an obvious and clear message. I wrote this sometime around July of '11.

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