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The Impeccable

January 25, 2012
By RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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This will be the end of me
I swear
Cold sweat breaking records
Eyes twitch; full of night mares
For t this is not a beautiful view
It is just the beginning of this horrid dream
It's not a dream if you can't escape it
It's the truth
Made from lies
Impeccable pieces of dirt
Slid from underneath the tongue
Spiraling way wards to my death
You're killing me

This is it
Everything beautiful I created with my words
My creation
Stolen by a devilish creature
An ingenious hideous creation
Suffocating the beauty out of me
But don't worry
I won't shed a tear for you
I won't
I'll echo my screams
Pleading for help
Even if the truth may seem like a lie
For the time well being
Even if the surprise of the lies cut my throat open like a welting sword
I will stand strong
You can take away my integrality
From the people but you can't take away my righteousness
I'll stand with no one
But my rights
Even when I'm the only one standing
I'll stand by others even if they believe I'm fake
I'm as real as my reflection
I'm here

Even if you take away my love
From others
Your fakeness will turn you over
Your words are fraud
Like the shadow of your belief
You'll disappear
For you're so fake you don't even exist

I will still be here
Even if you won the people over
My spirit will never stop haunting you
Because of what you took away from me; knowingly
My rights

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