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February 4, 2012
By Atychiphobia BRONZE, Tehachapi, California
Atychiphobia BRONZE, Tehachapi, California
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Favorite Quote:
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

I bottled all my tears
To save for rainy days
I put my bad thoughts in a box
And sent it into space
I framed all my smiles
And kept them on display
I bagged up all my feelings
And threw them all away
I gathered up my hopes and dreams
And stored them underground
I collected all my loud opinions
And turned off all their sound
I washed my personality
Until it sparkled gold
I rewired my brain
To do what it is told
I rearranged my face
Made it pleasing to the eye
I trained my vocal chords
To never say goodbye
I polished all my manners
Got rid of every scuff
I changed my entire being
And still I’m not enough

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