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A Thought

February 9, 2012
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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I wish that some words were non-existent
If some ideas would simply perish
Things like beauty and peace
Love tranquility and light
Such graceful thoughts and concepts
Items that define our petty world
The simple things that all should want
I wish these all to vanquish
And for an easy reason
All these wonderful thoughts are found in opposition
How is there love without hate
Where can you find peace-
If not to be found is chaos
How to distinguish light-
If one knows not of the dark
To live in a world where all these thoughts are crushed
Therefore the opposite will vanish
For if we wish to live in a world as such
Their must be no enemies
New concepts introduced
To simply be what is
If love is gone hatred will fade
Tis time for man to advance
But easy twill be nought
But imagine- a world without hate
Yes we will be at a loss
But one sufficed by the greatest gain
If we berid the concept of beginning
Then shall always be no end
for in this world All is two-sided
Lest we re-do it as such
To re-remake the world as an individual
Begone the concept of yin and yang
Without a need of balance
But only what is
Why must the good equal that of the evil
This is but what the world thrives upon
we must open a haven of rich new concepts
Brimming with potential
But can we break the barrier
Can opposition berid of the very thought itself
How shall we twist and manipulate a force to cancel out the force
If we do this as we do most it is easy
For humans do naught but manipulation
Yet they care not of a greater world
Lest we manipulate them to do so
And in that what do we truly accomplish
If a brother slays a brother for kingship however might and in valor
How would he go down in history
No more than one killing another
But the human race is founded upon these very foundations
For we cannot be the ones to cancel ourselves out
Humans are special
We alone hold the power to determine our very own fate
All other forms of life live on a rigorous schedule
We however can choose
But we don't tap upon the true vastness of this ability
We can decide to berid ourselves of these long thoughts once founded by man
The ancient animals did not find love
No if we created it why can we not destroy it
If the world is founded in balance why can we not take this and use it to our advantage
Use it to strike down it
And again this is put up
To use one against itself
And so I exhaust a weary breath and let escape a trembled sigh from my bones
How can we do this
When can we do this
Why can't we do this
Why is none more
than a simple thought?

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