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A Silver Shiver

February 10, 2012
By remembermeplz PLATINUM, Friend, Nebraska
remembermeplz PLATINUM, Friend, Nebraska
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"when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" -- Jimi Hendrix


A ghost to me is
walking into the breakfast room,smelling pancakes then calling out to my mother and asking her"do you need any help?"
then walking into the kitchen and realizing no-one is there.there are no pancakes.And that mother is upstairs,asleep in her bed,with my father.

A ghost to me,
is sitting at the computer,with my music on.and hearing my sister talking,in our living room.
so I go running through the house calling her name,because I have not seen her in a long time and end up scaring the dog.who was sleeping next to the couch.all by himself.

A ghost to me is,
that feeling of Déjà vu,when you're walking down a cobbles street,in another country that you've never been to before.but you get that feeling,that you've been here,seen this place,smelt this place.

A ghost to me is,
when I'm walking down the road and see that bench were we use to sit and hold hands.And remembering when you ran in the door and slid into the booth next to me.The feel of my face blushing red.My face blushing again,now, because I have no idea what went wrong.

A ghost to me is,
the little things,reminders of what use to be.

A ghost to me,
is the shadow on the wall.the hole in my heart.the ultimate fear of what others think.it is the fairies that look in your windows.it is an ex girlfriend's shirt I found in your closet,that you just couldn't let go of.

A ghost to me is,
what I have become of myself, a slight sliver,a slight hope, a small fear.

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enjoy =)

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