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Just Read and Think

January 17, 2012
By kaleighmay GOLD, Troy, Michigan
kaleighmay GOLD, Troy, Michigan
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Does it really matter who we are happy with?
Does it really matter if you are attracted to a person?
Does it really matter who our parents are?
Does it really matter who we would like to marry?
The answer to those questions is a simple NO.
Sure, God says marriage should be between a man and a woman, but he also says we are all the children of God.
God also says to do unto other as you would have done unto you.
Then why do people treat the homosexuals in the ways they treat them?
They don’t like it. They don’t want to see it. Why?
There are so many teenagers who are disowned, abused, bullied, and ridiculed for their sexual orientation.
Seriously, why should they be disowned, abused, bullied, and ridiculed for their sexual orientation when the heterosexuals are not?
Yes, I am a heterosexual but that doesn’t mean I look down on the homosexuals and bully them.
They have it a hell of a lot harder than could ever be imagined.
For a while homosexual men couldn’t even donate blood.
Homosexuals in the military could not come out because if they did they would be fired from their position in the military.
So many teenagers and young adults take their own lives because they can’t take the pain anymore of being bullied by members of their community.
A person bullying the members in their own damn community does not seem to make any sense now does it?
What is so bother some of the homosexuals that heterosexuals seem to think that they have the right to bully them and put them down and not allow them the same rights as they the heterosexuals have?
After all aren’t all men created equally?
Why can’t all men and women be treated equally?
Really, why can’t we all be treated equally?
Don’t we leave in the United States of America?
I do believe that there is a natural human right that says we have the right to be treated equally.
A natural human right, hmm, and I do believe the natural human rights are still in effect from the day they were created until oh I don’t know forever.
So think now and think hard.
Does it make sense why the heterosexuals treat the homosexuals so differently when they have a natural human right to be treated equally?
NO it doesn’t make any sense why the heterosexuals treat the homosexuals differently.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece to make people think about the way the heterosexuals treat the homosexuals. It breaks my heart to see how the homosexuals get treated and I am a heterosexual myself but the way they are treated is heart breaking. So do what the title says "Just Read and Think".

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