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A Childs First Poem.

January 31, 2012
By Haylynn GOLD, Skiatook, Oklahoma
Haylynn GOLD, Skiatook, Oklahoma
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Tiny pale cold hands slide across each inch of paper,
Loose sloppy handwriting trickles upon every line. 
Every word flows aimlessly into heart wrenching feelings. 
Scurrying about another sheet of  paper, the little letters dance around each other into their softly spoken spots. 
Focused on what can't be put into reality,
Struggling to find the word that makes sense to what she feels. 
Rage pours from within, yet hope pounces from beyond the soul. 
As a little girl trying to write her first poem, 
you can see the tenacious look in her hazel eyes.
So devoted to what has become, she didn't even realize how incessant she had become.  

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my 10 year old sister who was trying to write her first poem but was struggling because she didn't fully know how to put what she felt into words yet.

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