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Watcha Gonna Do?

January 31, 2012
By Cameandgonesmarty ELITE, North Vancouver, Other
Cameandgonesmarty ELITE, North Vancouver, Other
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You say it’s meant to last forever
Never will you part
She’s the one for you
The only one in your heart

But whatcha gonna do when it’s over?
Where you gonna go when it’s through?
After the things you’ve done to the ones who cared,
Who do you think is gonna be there for you?

Right now she’s loving you
So while it lasts, enjoy it
We’ve all seen what you did
And it won’t be long before you blow it.

So watcha gonna do when it’s over?
Where are you gonna go when she leaves?
You’ll end up locked up in your room
So upset and friendless your heart heaves.

Then another thing for you to think about
And this one is just for you
She got over him so quickly…
Do you think its gonna be any different when it comes to you?

So you’re happy, you’re rejoicing
You’re in bliss
So what?
Losing your best friend is the result of all this.

Was it worth it?
Tell me when it’s over.
I’d go explain your position;
It’s now or never.

So watcha gonna do when it’s over?
Where are you gonna go when it’s all said and done?
When all the fun has passed
And all the good times have gone?

From a girl’s perspective
You’re doing all the right things
But your “so-called” best friend
Can say many different things.

I challenge you to look
From his point of view
And think, sincerely and truly
Would you like him to do the same to you?

So you give her your love
And show her you care
But what about the one
Who’d always been there?

Think of all the great memories
That you share together
And remember that promise:
Best friends forever.

Just remember my words
And remember they’re meant for you.
In the end the outcome of your life and happiness
All comes down to you.

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