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February 17, 2012
By writingisthevoice GOLD, Montville, New Jersey
writingisthevoice GOLD, Montville, New Jersey
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The sun goes down and I lay my head
So the dreams can whisk me from my bed
We’re out in a field on a swing
Swaying as if we have wings

You hold me tight so I won’t fall
Swinging on that tree so tall
We let go of the chains and we are free
And it doesn’t hurt when you land on me

Numb to the world surrounding us
We swing all day and into dusk
Back and forth like a grandfather clock
Until suddenly, we’re at a dock

At the beach we swim away
With backs kissed by the sun’s rays
Out into the sea with ease,
Quiet like a summer breeze

We sink deep down and hit the sand
But soon enough we’re back on land
We’re standing on a mountain top
Small and free like fresh raindrops

And in this dream we don’t know
That I’ll wake up and then you’ll go
But every night I’ll dream again
And you’ll hold on as long as you can

The author's comments:
I had a dream a few years ago that left this vivid image in my head of a girl on a swing. This scene comes back to me whenever I'm under stress and need to get away. I've always found there to be some magic and romance to swinging, and the poem represents the freedom I feel when I'm on a swing. I hope this poem will remind people of their own magic place, since we all need one sometimes.

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