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Go Light Your World

February 19, 2012
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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I sit
In the darkest room
On the darkest day
In mirth
a howling scream
Echos in the dark
However un-pierced is the silence
But again pounds out is the scream
Penetrating everything
All but the silence
Sworn and bounded to my being
The scream goes on
But my silence stomps it out
What is it saying
Slicing through the room
But not the silence
The scream
What is it
And why
A warning?
A plea?
On and on it goes
But in this room louder my silence rings
Pounding Piercing Ringing Singing
Will this scream never end
Where is my solution
I wish to end the scream
But far to be alone with my quiet
Does the pain keep me on?
Why make one live like this
If this is what we're left to then why be left at all
Be left
Or not
Ropes in the dark
Caught is my last breath
The screaming stifling my lungs
As my last scream escapes my lips
And my silence seeps away
I sway forth and back
Allowing the lighted dark to overtake me
in death
Where my pain is undone in death
But new is more to be born through death
Let this be an example
Of one who we take unlooked
Don't allow someones silence
The loneliness overtaking them
To Ever be louder and more powerful than their plea
Let the screams be heard by them
So they themselves can stop it
In this case
the scream was unheard be he
So death is the passage unbound yet forever binding
Stop this
Don't spread the plague of silence in the hearts of the weak
Be not the wisp of wind
Undoing the candles in hearts
But be the lent flame to brighten them
BE the one to make all other understand
Give them what they cannot
Lets the rip out the flame bearer bestowed to them
For we are all given a flame bearer
We all have the ability to hold it
we all have the power to kindle it
But not all know it as simply as such
We are gifted with the resources
Use them
for yourself is but nothing
The only reason to light it for us
Is to be able to give it to others
Those who cannot possibly light it for themselves
We must carry our flames to the dark and light those who have an un-will an such
Give them what you gain
Lest the world is useless
always will there be a soul in need of flame
Never stop
Never lose sight
Never allow your flame to extinguish
But only grow
And light
In a room full of unlit candles
Only one with flame is needed to spread it to all
Berid the dark
Berid the silence
And share your flame

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