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What if?

March 2, 2012
By UnderCoverNinjaMoves BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Montana
UnderCoverNinjaMoves BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Montana
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someday, someone will thank you for letting me go.<3

What if we never met?
What if you never broke my heart?
What if we lasted forever?
What if I never loved you?
What if you forget what we had?
What if I still cared?
What if you don't feel the same way I do?
What if you lied about your feelings?
What if I was never good enough?What if one day I just forget what we had?
What if I never loved you?
Baby, what if you felt the way I do? Would you understand?

The author's comments:
Uhm one day I was bored. And I had nothing better to do and this is what happened. Tah-dah

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