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A Place Only You Can Go

March 13, 2012
By thisisall19 SILVER, Gibbon, Nebraska
thisisall19 SILVER, Gibbon, Nebraska
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“We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are.”
Calvin and Hobbes

I escape myself
I watch you
I close my eyes
And listen.
There’s nothing quite like
Being there
Losing my fears
My doubts
And my frustrations
In the scream of the guitar
And the sweet sweet harmonies
From your lips.
There’s nothing like
Listening to the words of
Every song
And hearing the joy
The love
That goes into writing them.
There’s nothing like
Sweating, living, breathing,
Jumping up and down and
Screaming until my voice
Is nearly as raw as
The lead singer’s.
There’s nothing in this world
More powerful, more profound,
More spiritual
Than being a part of something
So real
So rare
And so redeeming
To my
Very soul.
There’s nothing like
Catching a glimpse
On the street
And feeling my heart
There’s nothing like
Standing in the cold
Staring at my shoes
Because I looked into
His eyes and was surprised
By the weakness I felt
In my knees.
There’s nothing like
Watching you talk
To other fans
About clothes and how
Stupid it is that they wouldn’t let
You take pictures of something
You wanted to buy,
And I’m wondering how it could be
That someone I’ve seen
And has a mustache and wears old-man
And dances like a beautiful fool
And can sing higher than I can
Could ever make me feel
So alive
With just a glance.

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