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Drowning for her, just for today

March 13, 2012
By Shadoww GOLD, Oak Lawn, Illinois
Shadoww GOLD, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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To walk in her shoes
To walk in her pain
Her tears do not show
Her laughter is dead
Walk in her pain
Just swim in her grief
Watch her drown
In that never ending sea

She swallows the pain
Pain that is not hers
She carries the burden
That others cannot hold
Those tears can’t be hers
Those smiles are fake
Oh, how much she wishes
Wishes just for some sleep

There’s no happy ending
No magic from the start
Her voice is weak
Her eyes no longer shine
Time slows when in pain
Time flies once in peace

The guilt
The mockery
It’s all she ever feels
If eyes are windows to the soul
Her eyes must have curtains
For there is no soul that shows

In those rare moments
When happiness comes
Pain comes in knocking
Hurting the ones she cares

She takes in the words
The words that really hurt
For many seem true
Despite from what others really know

She “deserves” no happiness
She “deserves” no love
She “lives” to suffer
She “lives” to watch
To watch everything that happens
What happens to all

She seems unapproachable
She seems very brave
Do not be offended
For what she will not say

She may be warm
She may be cold
She may be sweet
She may be rude
She may be sarcastic
She may tell the truth
She may be kind
She may seem scary

But that is only because of all of you

She takes your fear
She takes your pain
She feels all your suffering
She feels all your pain

Her hope has been lost
Her beliefs have dimmed
She believes there’s no mercy
No mercy for her
She thinks she is selfish
She thinks she is worthless
She thinks that she’s never worth it

She prays for a day
A day when she will be forgiven
Her heart has been heavy
She walks in mighty chains
She is scarred
She is scared
She is drowning in air

But despite her pain
Despite her grief
Despite everything she carries
She forces a smile
She finds a laugh
Just to see others smile

She does not mind
She doesn’t care
She never cared that she’s breaking
That she will break and disappear

Because no one could save her
She will never be put back together
And still she does not care

She will walk through your pain
She will suffer with you
She will not let you
She just won’t let you
Suffer all alone

To walk in her shoes
To walk in her pain
All you’ll ever see
Is her drowning

Drowning in everyone’s pain

The author's comments:
People always tell me what's wrong with their life, and i honestly don't mind. This is just my way of expressing how they feel including how i feel since i'm not the type to say how i feel.

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