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Look Around

March 15, 2012
By kaitlyn24x PLATINUM, Laurel, Maryland
kaitlyn24x PLATINUM, Laurel, Maryland
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I open the door and step outside.
The crunch of a leaf beneath my foot.
The song of a bird above my head.
The sweet, cool breeze of Spring.

I walk by the houses on my street.
The quick-paced steps of children.
The bright colored, overflowing gardens.
The smell of freshly mowed grass.

I pass the neighborhood park.
The squeak of the rusty swings.
The vibrant, yellow, twisting slide.
The clanking sound of training wheels.

I sit on the ground and watch the sky.
The warmth of the afternoon sun.
The subtle movement of the clouds.
The distant buzzing of a bee.

I run down the hill to my house.
The blur of the world around me.
The excitement of pure freedom.
The temporary feeling of flying.

I open the door and step inside.
The beauty found in everything.
The memories that will last forever.
The joy of the little things in life.

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