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The Spider

March 14, 2012
By TWIGGII666 GOLD, Franklin, New York
TWIGGII666 GOLD, Franklin, New York
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My eyes, an owl’s eyes,
Wide and alert.
My head, an owl’s head,
Always on the swivel.
My nails, an owl’s talons,
Ready to attack,
All guard me from Her.

My teeth, a cobra’s fangs,
Poised to strike and kill.
My body, a cobra’s body,
Set to run and hide.
She can’t get me.
She won’t get me.

‘The Spider, She comes!
So say my eyes.
‘Quick, let’s run!’
So say my body.
‘Let us eat, yum!’
So say my teeth.
‘Defend now!’
So say my nails.
‘Oh, no! We are trapped!’
So say my head.
My head turns and mine eyes see,
The Spider weaving a
Quilt Of Death around me.
‘My talons, attack!
My fangs, kill!
Now my body, run!’
She is gone.

I, a child, have overcome a death threat.

The author's comments:
Sequel to Poison Ivy and Life Or Death

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