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Something's Wrong

March 24, 2012
By TWIGGII666 GOLD, Franklin, New York
TWIGGII666 GOLD, Franklin, New York
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What happened?
No light..
Something’s wrong...
But what?

I don’t know what to do
I can’t see my moon...
Nor can I see my sun and stars
I’m so confused, what do I do?

I cannot see,
For there is no light.
Something’s missing...
But, what could it be?

Something is wrong here...
Something is wrong with this picture...
Something is wrong with me....
What could it possibly be?

I am going mad!
Even madder than me.
I’m off to a nuthouse
To visit some nuts and maybe some squirrels.
Won’t you come too?

I’m gonna stay there
With all those nuts
And even some squirrels.
For an eternity.

Why you ask?
That’s how long it will take.
How long what will take?
Why, aren’t we a little...

It’ll take an eternity,
You’ll see I’m right,
I’ll stay in the nuthouse
Till the prohibition of...
i think...

The author's comments:
Prequel to I <3 U and I Do <3 U

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