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Scarlet Ship

March 19, 2012
By AlexHeller DIAMOND, San Mateo, California
AlexHeller DIAMOND, San Mateo, California
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There is a boat that carries the souls of the lost,

Splashed red by the brooding blood that cascades

From the heads of the deceased.

The boat slices through sullen waves as scissors do a sheet of crisp paper.

Thousands of miles from anything we could ever imagine,

Such a boat rests on forgotten thoughts and abandoned ideas,

Unafraid to embrace such abandon the boat rolls

on waves of impression.

With tattered sails of green hues of the deepest blue,

Sails stitched from hundreds of tattered skins.

The skins of those who have given in

flutter in the breeze,

Flapping against the bones we dare call our own,

For even while we live we never truly do the living.

Letting others imagine it for us- we walk lividly through the world,

Never truly alive.

Throwing all away for a ride on the ship

to an apocalypse chosen by ourselves.

Determined to end ourselves,

Thousands gather all they have to burn,

For a single ticket to a one way destination.

As you watch eternity slip right through the palms of your hands,

You close your eyes as you give into the crimson of the ship,

And all your rage you let fester inside,

for the entirety you chose as your life,

Completely at peace you shall fall,

In millions of shattered pieces.

So far out of the reach of our minds,

you fall through cracks

Of your imagination until all that’s left is a shell.

The skin of who you were,

Could possibly have been-

in another lifetime.

Blank records and empty sheets of dreams you once cherished,

and kept bound tight to your heart

you folded into nonexistent shapes of value


Scrambling to keep them a secret you came undone at the seams.

These sheets and blank monstrosities you kept close to your core-

are the notes you do believe to perceive,

are heard through an unending torrent of

scarlet stained rain.

Within the deep crevices of your mind,

The fingerprints of all the places these skins have


resting on the lips of masts that carry them so high.

For on this hidden sea it lolls.

carrying a city

One for only the lost,

With golden tears hidden deep inside their hearts-

it seas the world,

Upon broken promises.

With swirling skies of blue to black

The stitched sails of all of us are pulled taught,

For the crimson red boat refuses to cease its conquest

For the end,

The perfect imperfection.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a ship painted by clive barker in his first Abarat book.

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