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The City is Ours

March 19, 2012
By AlexHeller DIAMOND, San Mateo, California
AlexHeller DIAMOND, San Mateo, California
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Paint the world red.
Make it pop with a
fizzle and a bang
and have people
never want
the old world back.
Because in a world of silent people,
Hardly anything is said to break us.
The city is ours.
Lets take it over
while charging straight ahead,
smiles plastered on exhilarated skins.
But then I stop for a short while and think
about how I wish the world was flat,
With our land lacking mountains.
I remember then that we would all be below the sea,
Under the covers of a riverbed, tangled in their sheets.
So I suck it up and crunch my words between my teeth
as i let the words fall silently to the pit of my stomach.

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