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The Thorns Remain

March 27, 2012
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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The very worst.
When seeing that you are nothing.
When getting the grasp on the fact that you weren't given talent
That you are not special
No no one is an individual
We are all the same
The same
And not one can make it different
They say God makes us special
They told me that he makes all of us like him
And he is unlimited
Something we cannot understand
But I understand myself
I know what I am
I am alone
I see things in different eyes
And this makes me lesser
And not them
I constantly watch life vibrate around me
And tear away hair trying to get out of the shadow
My shadow My shadow of self-created
While fire roars around me mine skin stays icy cold
Bare to the touch and lifeless
My body is a withered carcass
A carcass with an ebony soul sealed inside
Darkness overbiting
Hanging and waiting
Eating at my spirit
And draining of what little hope is kept for to to be the norm
And I
I sit by and watch
I watch from an even darker shadow
One where the worst is felt
And that simply is nothing at all
And so I watch my body be taken
And allow my spirit to seem away
The pain is my fuel
The boiling bucket of tears amid my side is showing such
To escape the nothing laying beyond I must feel
No matter what it may be

But where is the point
Why tell
To pass on a way of cope with more
But now is the worst of thoughts
I don't care what happens to all else
Everyone was once in my thoughts
And I tried to show
I really did
But now
Now I stand in a bed of roses
A bed of roses sitting withered and empty
Yet with full thorns
Isn't it funny
How in nature the beautiful and the evil are twisted together
A rose bush beauty crimson red
Adorned with sharp pointy thorns
And in nature all does not fade
The beauty does but the thorns remain
The thorns remain
The thorns will remain

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