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Ceiling Stars

April 3, 2012
By everlost PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
everlost PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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I worry about you
sometimes late at night
I lie awake
staring at the fading
glow in the dark stars
I got sometime in 5th grade.
You tell me not to worry
but the stories you tell
sound like things I see on T.V.
We talk on the phone
and you complain of hunger
but when I suggest eating
you calmly reply theres no food
in your home.
You complain your chest hurts
and when I ask why
you tell me
your father beat you last night
until you woke up.
You tell me your mother
says she hates you
and that your self respect
is fading
like my ceiling stars.
I want to cry
I want to rush over
and rescue you from
this awful place
you refer to as home.
I want to scream
get out of this crazy place
you tell me not to worry
as I curl up in my warm bed
I need you
I want you safe
don't tell me its no big deal
this is your life
not a T.V. Show
this is real.
You were my 6th grade Romeo
I can't just watch
your life fade
like my ceiling stars.
For my sake and for yours
I want to see you succeed
I don't need
another tragedy
you smile at me
“It'll all be okay”
I watch the outline of your
start forming
but I cannot watch you
fly away.
I can see your eyes
dancing on my ceiling
at night.
don't let them fade
just like
my glow in the dark stars.

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