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April 8, 2012
By everlost PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
everlost PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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“I told you so!”
I scream into the phone
“Mom, just go away!”
“I want to be alone!”
I knew I shouldn't of told him
why did I listen to you?
I feel numb in my limbs
I sit with my heart in two
On my 20 year old bed
I can't sleep, I'm too scared
I cannot rest my head
I would die if I dared
I fell for
the one guy you could like
How do I still want more?
I scream into the phone mic.
Hes out of my league, anyway
its not like I had a shot
I guess he'll never know behind every “hey”
is another would not
another girl with a dream
for a jerk of a boy
who couldn't seem
to speak of her joy
for just another jerk
that got between two friends
who couldn't make things work
and another friendship ends
because of a guy
who told a few lies
and now another girl cries
as her spirit slowly dies
despite all of her tries
he still sees her as a prize
another set of lifeless eyes
of a damsel forever in distress.

Another trophy to possess

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