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No End

April 13, 2012
By CourtneyC5787 PLATINUM, Lehi, Utah
CourtneyC5787 PLATINUM, Lehi, Utah
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"What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger."

It's hard being in a world where no one understands,
They tell you "Oh I know how you feel, Its gonna be ok",
Well try walking a thousand miles in my shoes & you'll trip in the first step,
Dont try and read me like a book,
because there is no way you can comprehend,
There's no stop to the insanity,
There's no stop to this craziness,
There's just no End.
If you saw the world through my eyes,
you'd see the world in a whole new light,
If you had to face all my struggles,
you wouldnt even put up a fight.

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