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Sweet Dreams

April 26, 2012
By MLStamp SILVER, Annandale, Virginia
MLStamp SILVER, Annandale, Virginia
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Thats what we all are. Ameteurs. We don't live long enough to become anything else. -Charlie Chaplin

We aren't ill or misbecoming
as to keep us well apart, still I have to ask
Were we doomed from the start?

Just Yesterday I told you I would love you forever
You held my hand and tucked me in at night
We laughed all day and had snacks in the dead of night
How typical would it be if I said "This is not what I intended"
Is it wrong we acted happy, but obviously pretended.

We keep saying we'll make time
except we'll keep saying it until the end of time.
"Que paso a familia primero?"
Us newcomers found new freedom on an endless scale
It tasted sweet and led us to a blindly forethought fail

Sweet dreams are made of these
These times when sweetness isn't found in the day
When the deep-rooted conncetion is suddenly quite shallow
Maybe a bit of water and sunlight
Perhaps then our flower can once again stand upright

I heard once people change
I also heard change is good
Whoever said that was wrong

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