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Shirley's Daughters

May 16, 2012
By Fromtheheartfortwo GOLD, Carson, California
Fromtheheartfortwo GOLD, Carson, California
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My Mother's mother,
Used to say something,
From way back in the day,
You know,
When she wasn't in her grave.

"Come here!"
"You long drink of water!"

Now long drinks of water,
Are not big cups with a lot of water in them,
Thinking that way is being closed minded,
And this isn't a close minded poem.

Long drinks of water,
Are girls,
"Shirley's Daughters"


"Shirley's Daughters",
Are best known,
For being,

Being called long,
Isn't only being called tall,
But it helped,
Their self-esteem.

Being called,
"A long drink of water",
Let them know,
That their height,
Was different from everyone else's,
But it was,

It takes a,
Long time,
To drink,
That much water,
And many girls,
Wanted to,
Be a long drink,
Just like,
The soon rest of us.

But "Shirley's Daughters",
Got it first,
And so did I.

So whenever my mother,
"Come here!"
"You long drink of water!"
I'll remind myself,
To hold that name high,
I'm a descendant,
Of "Shirley's Daughters"

The author's comments:
I sometimes feel insecure about my height...being 13 and about 5"8 isn't easy..... My mom helped me one day when she knew something was wrong....she told me that your aunt, grandma, and I went through the same thing....she told me that the truth is that other girls want to look just like you...they can see that your height is beautiful and they become envious...she told me that when she was younger and she would be walking with her sister people would say "there goes Shirley's Daughters"....I wish my grandma was alive today so she could read this, hear this, understand this, see me...I never knew her...I really wish I did though...RIP Grandma...I'm a daughter too...

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tigers said...
on May. 18 2012 at 11:00 am
tigers, Arvada, Colorado
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Awesome poem! Please comment on some of mine, Just click on tigers, Thank you

zaezue1 said...
on May. 18 2012 at 10:52 am
zaezue1, Thorton, Colorado
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This is really good. Will you comment on  mine?