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Upon Discovering Eden

May 12, 2012
By Singinstar GOLD, Commack, New York
Singinstar GOLD, Commack, New York
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I searched many a night
I searched many a day
Yet Eden eluded me

I sifted through well-crafted lies
I sifted through excruciating truths
Yet Eden eluded me

I navigated crystalline caves below
I navigated golden-plated stars above
Yet Eden eluded me

I unraveled tangled webs of the occluded
I unraveled the puzzles that hid in plain sight
Yet Eden eluded me

I found a shield to masquerade in
I found a confidence to step into
Yet Eden eluded me

I reached for impossible beauty
I reached for splendor easily gained
Yet Eden eluded me

I saw a path shrouded in shadow
I saw a path laden with gold
I followed my howling instinct
I followed the path of gleaming fortune
I ran through goblets and coins and crowns
I ran through fields fertile with corn
I saw and I followed and ran
Until I reached desired Eden

Felt the flickering warmth snuff out
Felt the condescending voice of ice
Heard the voice berating my foolishness
Heard the voice insulting my greed
Screamed as mad winds overtook me
Screamed and begged for mercy, “PLEASE!”

I crumbled to dust and memory
I crumbled to long forgotten filth

I woke from my paralyzing delusion
I woke and breathed a steady breath
I closed my eyes, dispelled the delirium
I closed my mind to horrid thoughts

Because upon discovering Eden
It wasn’t really a heaven at all

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