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May 5, 2012
By Seth1 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
Seth1 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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How much further can I go?
Walking through this forest lost, confused, unaware.
The world seems to fade away and it's just me.
Walking endlessly searching for you. Hoping for a sign.
My eyes, blind.
My ears, deaf.
My hands, bleed.
My whole body is numb, but I can still feel my heart breaking with every beat.
Though I still push forward and I don't know why.
All I see is your face, all I hear is your voice.
All I feel is your touch.
It's all too much.
I cannot die.
Every tree is every thought, fantasy,
dream, hope...
Every ounce of love I have for you my dear, and I just can't find my way out of here.
The mist guides my way stepping on thorns, making the wrong decision.
The air filled with toxic memories.
I can't breath.
Every leaf is every tear that broke through, and the trees bloom more as I push on.
I know what I'm doing wrong but I can't turn back.
I've tried for far too long.
The shadows blacken my eyes.
Everything I touch dies.
The sunlight shines through and down upon me, showing only a tiny aspect of hope.
My cries and screams echo in silence in this forsaken place.
The mist and sunlight collide and I see your face.
The moss, the regret, my mistake... Infects everything.
It's all beyond my control and I'll find you even if it means selling my soul.
I know what the whispering winds speak.
I know what goes on.
I'll strive to reach you, before dusk and after dawn.
I go forever in search of you.
This addictive endless passion burns like the burning bush.
It never burns out.
Every stump, hill, mountain, I tumble and fall.
I won't give up because your my all.
Though with broken limbs.
A crushed spirit.
A torn heart and soul.
I still find the strength to walk.
How much further can I go?
I've survived a thousand miles of heart break.
I'll reach you for the risks sake.
Enormous pressure, suppressing my body.
My breath is sucked out of me.
I collapse.
I'm at my end.
I love you so much, it's literally killing me.
This forest never appears to have a night or day.
I can't see the light or the bay.
I can't go.
All I see is you standing beyond a white rose.
I crawl bleeding everywhere toward the rose.
My hand just below it.
The rose shifts into red and bleeds
like the blood I have shed.
The red fades to black and the petals go...
Gone with the wind, along with your being.
Crying without you replying, screaming because all along I was dreaming.
For an eternity I laid here and forever cry, because of my love...
I die.

The author's comments:
Wrote this my freshman year in high school. I was thinking of writing a poem about nature, and emphasize it's beauty, but at the same time I wanted to write about love. I was browsing through YouTube and click. This song played a melody that unleashed everything that I had burrowed deep within me. I was in love at the time, and I wanted to write a poem about the experience. Nothing came to me until I listened to that song. It took me about five to eight minutes writing this. I hope you all like it.

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on May. 23 2012 at 12:06 pm
theadventuresofemma GOLD, Ontario, Other
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And for poise walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.
-Audrey Hepburn

I love this one too! You have great writing! Very talented! :)