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May 19, 2012
By Nearly_Confused SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Nearly_Confused SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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When I was a child, I thought as a child, I spoke as a child; But when I became a man learned to put away all my childish things - 1 Corinthians 14:11

They asked the cliche, why are you fair? Aren't all Black people dark?

They asked the cliche, why do you read so much? Don't they say if 'You want to hide something from a Black person, place it in a book?'

They asked the cliche,why don't you speak with slang? I thought all Blacks were ghetto.

They asked the cliched, why aren't you pregnant? Shouldn't you have 2 to 3 kids by now?

Well, they asked,(chuckle) but I answered.

I answered, African-Americans come in all different shades of brown, some even come in shades of yellow. Tell, me does that make them less Black?

I responded, Sir Francis Bacon said that 'Knowledge is Power' If we do not have power then, what are we to use against or counterparts? You'll find that some of the greatest writers were of African descent.

I countered, not everything that you see is real. Even though Blacks are portrayed as thugs and hoodlums, some of us know how to speak with diction and clarity.

I rebutted, not every African-American is looking to be a parent at 15. On the television, depictions of parenthood seems enticing and care free. What most don't recognize is the trickery of those description.

They can ask and throw every cliche at us, but when we stand up and say that we're proud to be Black/African-Americans and the only shoulder that we need to lean on is God, then and only then, will we be acknowledged as Such!

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