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I <3 U

May 23, 2012
By TWIGGII666 GOLD, Franklin, New York
TWIGGII666 GOLD, Franklin, New York
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I am madly in love with you,
And you love me.
But your love is as family.
Even though we both know it ain’t true.

My love for you is pure,
Though your allegiances lie elsewhere,
Lost in your vacant stare.

You and me,
I know we’re meant to be,
Together as one.
I know that it’s true,
I love you!

I know that you
Could love me too.
Baby let’s have some fun.
I love you!

There ain’t no other for me,
You think there is someone for you.
Baby I know it ain’t true
You and I are a could be... a should be...

Baby I love you!
Can’t ya see it in my eyes?
I am the one that never cries,
At least not when your near by...

In my heart I weep
For it’s you I need
And it’s you I seek.
I want you with me forever.

Is it just a dream?
Is it more than it seems?
You gotta tell me now
‘Cuz you’re my one and only.

Baby I love you
But I know that we ain’t
Ever gonna be together

Nothing in life is
As important to me
Then you are.

You used to keep me on the Earth.
But not this time.
My friends ain’t enough.
Baby I want you to know,
I love you.

Now before I go,
Tell my family that
I love them too
And if they need someone to blame,
They can blame you...

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