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running from pain

May 20, 2012
By kaleighmay GOLD, Troy, Michigan
kaleighmay GOLD, Troy, Michigan
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So young when it started.
All you’ve done is brought me down.
I was broken when we parted.
I was a child beginning to drown.
There was no one there to save me.
All I needed was your love.
But you have always let it be.
I’m just longing to be a child that you are proud of.
The words you’ve said have left permanent scars.
I hide them so people won’t know.
I can’t even look at the night sky full of stars,
Without wanting to cry because you won’t let me grow.
Time and time again we just fight,
And I just end up running away so I can cry.
After every fight you always say that your words and actions are right.
At night all I ask myself is why.
All my thoughts in your mind are just a waste.
Nothing can keep me together not even paste.

Running through woods trying to escape.
There’s no way to find out how things got this bad.
Everything has led to the one mistake.
The mistake made when there was nothing to be had.
Through a small break there’s a light.
A light so bright it leaves you blind.
Blinded it takes all you have to get through this fight.
But somehow it’s only in your mind.
All around there’s only darkness.
Not even your eyes can adjust.
Trees only add to the wooded mysterious thickness.
All that’s left for you to do is end this lust.

Breathing in and out deeply.
There’s something or someone watching.
You don’t know what it is, but you’re hoping it’s something lovely.
You can’t, but you want to take off running.
Breathing in and out in shallow breaths.
What ever was watching began to chase you.
All you can do is look for a place to rest.
What was once chasing you has taken the best of you.

The author's comments:
This poem is about teh combination of my depression and relationship with my father.

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