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May 25, 2012
By Fromtheheartfortwo GOLD, Carson, California
Fromtheheartfortwo GOLD, Carson, California
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Favorite Quote:
"when you trip over love it is easy to get up, but when you fall in love it is impossible to stand again" albert einstein

I can't stop
It's like a disease
That not only takes over my body
But my brain too
All I do is
When I think about
I just smile to my self
I can't stop
It impossible to
The disease is  not curable
The only way to make it better
Is to get more infatuated with that person
Like I am with him
Too much of my daily dose
Can override my reality
I need to learn how to
Handle my addiction
But I can stop
Everybody knows the saying
"too much of a good thing can go bad"
But my good thing
Is so good
Now I know how drug junkies feel
The rush of it
The feel of it
The love of it
You think it will never hurt you
At this point I don't know
If my good thing will
That's the difference between drugs and love
Drugs are guaranteed to hurt you
But love.......
With love there is so much good
That your not sure if 
The needle of your love drug 
Will hurt or not
That's why the human race is addicted
To irrational thinking
Taking a chance at love
Is so irrational
You never know what will happen
Although you really want it to all be 
Sunshine and butterflies flying over rainbows
Your drug might wear off
 Or it'll last a life time
Your teenage love
Might be your soul mate 
Or your worst enemy 
In the next year.
But thinking irrationally is the point
That's what the high is all about
Not knowing what you are going to get out of 
The situation
Just that you know 
That right 
Know, here, with him
You are high as heaven
On your drug of choice
My fellow Americans
Our imaginations run wild
With the picture perfect relationship
I think in life we all want that
And when you finally get it
After traveling all the way to
New york or something
Because you heard on TV that it was the place of dreams
You really believe
That you've got it
That one drug that you
Can be hooked on for life
And die with it ever time

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