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June 14, 2012
By xximjustmexx PLATINUM, Oak Forest, Illinois
xximjustmexx PLATINUM, Oak Forest, Illinois
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There's no god. There's no religion. There's only life, what you do with YOUR life, who YOU let affect YOUR life. Bad things happen to everyone, you just have to learn to deal with them.

Holding the world in the palm of my hand
It slips through my fingers like grains of sand.
Would God believe me if I knocked on His door
To explain that it's not a sin; that ecstasy left me begging for more?
I cannot abide to laws and surrender to hate.
I will only master love and give in to fate.
Keeping you my secret and hiding my addiction
Only adds to my confusion and worsens the hallucinations.
Tender arms secure my waist, making by body burn like fire.
Thoughts swirl, risks are taken, only adding to my desire.
Soft, eager fingers explore, touch, and trace
Feeling forbidding places, causing my heart to race.
If God did exist, if He considered ecstasy addiction a sin,
Then I'd be going to Hell, for I cannot survive without it coursing beneath my skin.
Allowing it to travel through my veins comes with such a high price,
But I'm willing to pay, for I need it in my life.
Surviving simply off of trust and love for my ecstasy,
Its hallucinations will soon wear off, and I will have you here next to me.

The author's comments:
It hurts not being able to hold the person you love in your arms..

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