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For Memories' Sake I'll Never Forget

June 27, 2012
By blackrabbit GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
blackrabbit GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
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These are the nightmares
that held us harshly
and cut so deeply
along our memory
of what was such
a false beauty
what have we become?
The light of our innocence
has dimmed into a freezing
It was such a magnificent thing
and we believe the light would never
dusk in our eyes
but dusk fell and so did all the memories
that were welcomed by dawn.
Here we are now
so tattered by what was suppose to be
forever but now can never be
and as some move on past the flames
of this scorching -- thing
we risk freezing into the cold
we all once promised to never become
Here we are now
as you sit before me
wondering if maybe things can be
different and we can be happy
and that lustrous light can be reborn
into the very depths of our
melancholy souls
know what I have finally come to terms with
once that force - whatever it may be
was able to over take the very brim of our hearts
we would never be the same again

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