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The Storm

June 25, 2012
By The.Beirded.Turkey PLATINUM, Midlothian, Illinois
The.Beirded.Turkey PLATINUM, Midlothian, Illinois
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The storm is worse than the calm to who so ever may feel it. For the storm may take your life, or the storm may take the person next to you and leave you scarred for life. The storm may also take you to some far off place. The storm likes to make you fight to get back home. When the storm comes no one knows how it is going to be like. You may prepare for the storm for a few months at the most. But when the storm comes and terrorizes your town no one knows how to protect themselves. Not even the most aged towns person can protect themselves from the storm that has torn through the town of these people. The storm has no emotion no pain no anger it can know nothing but destruction. The storm is going to pass now. The storm has passed leaving this one house still standing the household is terrified for their lives for the storm may launch another attack for this storm is so unpredictable it is always impossible to know what to do right. This storm is one that the people have to live with for the rest of their lives. This storm is one they can never recover from.

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