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August 2, 2012
By SuchALittleLady BRONZE, Barberton, Ohio
SuchALittleLady BRONZE, Barberton, Ohio
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Growth is the new topic of conversation, the new goal, the new life to look forward to, even though in some eyes I seem as young as a child, but not as experienced as puberty, I still can't blame them, they don't know the everyday feelings of an ambitious, outrageous thinking soul, a girl with too many goals who's slightly spiritual, and may be a miracle for the future, something they haven't seen in their lives shining like a pool of diamonds, people can be so misleading, unless of course you've seen their hearts, unless of course you've read their non-fictional stories; unless of course you were present during their births, we all come into this world unknowing and curious, but the further we get in life the more mysterious and sometimes distrusting we become, pitiful and unloving, but if we've learned a thing or two we can become humbled, grateful, sweet and tasteful, give life a chance and don't necessarily believe all that you hear because jealous voices can corrupt the ears, don't let everything go through your mind because not every thought will be kind, and everything you see isn't real so don't be led by the blind.

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