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Love Is A Flame

August 14, 2012
By chamomile SILVER, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
chamomile SILVER, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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She makes it through her day, but doesn't just “make it” through her day. She holds within her at all time the faith that she belongs, even when she doesn't belong. She belongs to the world; she belongs in her life; her heart and mind and soul belong

Because love is a flame
It flickers to life
And chases the darkness
From every corner
Of the heart

It sets the soul on fire
And from then it rages on
Through every nerve and higher
Bringing a tingle to the toes
And heat to the skin

Because love is a flame
It shows you the way
So the light of your lover
Is the light in your eyes;
Is the light of the day

But because love is a flame,
Love is a fire;
Love is a wild lust and desire

It burns the hands
And stings the eyes
It sets the heart ablaze
But you crumble from inside

It swallows and it ravages
As two lovers become savages
And nothing can be salvaged
From the wreck

Because love is a flame
It simmers and it dims
Until it flickers out
And the heart is black again

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