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We Pray Them a Safe Return

September 5, 2012
By CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
CarzKemp DIAMOND, Lyons, New York
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In the hollow pit

of his empty stomach

A soldier waves goodbye.

he waves goodbye to his father.

the one who helped raise him.

he waves goodbye to his friends.

the ones who walked by his side from day one.

he waves goodbye to his niece.

the one who he cherishes so many memories with.

in this day of letting go and fallen tears.

a soldier waves goodbye.

what races through the mind of a soldier.

in this very moment of leave.

does the memories he leaves behind

roll through his head like saddened film strip.

or does his heart leave empty.

filled obliviously

with only happy memories.

does the smile of his family and friends,

shine within the sun.

do tears make like diamonds.

do the voices of his childhood shared;

echo through his ears like the calming ocean.

and with each step that the soldier takes,

each step taken to get on that plane,

does the soldier get closer to closure,

or does the soldier carry

each and every heart with him in a jar.

in this day of letting go, and breaking hearts,

a soldier waves goodbye.

as the plane rises into the

tainted orange horizon skies,

in that very moment does the soldier feel alone.

leaving everything behind.

every touch and every smile.

it is nothing now.

only but a cherished memory.

does he make new friends on the first day.

and if he does. are they soldiers just alike.

do they have the same goals and aspirations.

or do they just share a brotherhood of men.

in the twelve weeks of transformation,

does a soldier grow to love his brother in arms.

and if he does

is he ready to let the death of his brothers be thee acceptance.

bullets crackling through skulls so enviously around you.

are you ready to let these brave faces pass by you like dead surrogates.

or will it hurt you. will it twist in turn your stomach into nots.

decrypting your brain with tattered memories.

everyday being crafted into the militant martyr.

there are blown images of man etched into your soul.

haunting who you are.

creating rage within every day.

dismissing nightmares every night.

watching the brothers you love.

being casted out of the sky.

like missile fireflies.

and in that moment they become stars.

when there casted into that empty darkness.

only to become bright holes in the sky.

is the soldier ready to let his friends go.

is he ready to hold these scars forever.

and in that moment when that soldier is saved off from battle.

does the soldier wave goodbye.

does he leave the bloodied sands.

his haunting battlefield.

and feel pride and victory.

or is the soldier that waves goodbye damaged.

tattered within the chaos.

we don't think often of what

a soldiers life really intakes.

we send our children off to war.



for there safe return.

we send them into suicide missions.

to watch there brothers die.

to make blood and tears.

to turn all they're pain into strength.

we send them into death traps.

to determine their fate as man.

and there fate is decided.

whether they be blown to shreds.

or dismembered by bombs and debris.

whether or not they make it out alive,

determines if they’re a hero or not.

if you live,

your just a survivor

telling a gruesome tale.

but if you die.

your a hero.

and when your family left behind

prays for thee a safe return home.

you end up in a casket.

or even worse.

just words from a letter or messenger.

you can’t imagine the Immensity

of mourning pain caused by a lost son.

a lost uncle.

a lost boyfriend.

you cant imagine the pain of living.

while you lose a father.

or a daughter.

in fact.

you imagine nothing at all.

because in that very moment.

your dead.

all you can ask yourself,

when that bullet pierces your heart,

and you bleed cold all alone,

do you get to wave goodbye to them now?

does A soldier wave goodbye?

the truth is... no he doesnt.

because no one would see him.

instead you are casted out of the earth.

and made into tears.

tears on the faces of men and woman.

tears on the faces of lovers.

and they all fall like diamonds in the sun.

as you become only but a cherished memory.

and when they slowly lower your body into the darkness.

when the light slowly fades.

Do the people around you wave goodbye?

They Only Prayed You A Safe return.

The author's comments:
Dedicated to all the men and woman who fight for our country.

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