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September 12, 2012
By MadeleineR GOLD, Fort Wayne, Indiana
MadeleineR GOLD, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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"But thoughts are tyrants, that return again and again to torment us." --Wuthering Heights

Dear Mr. Anonymous,
I can see you
Hiding there

Shield your face
Hide your eyes
Especially your heart

Some of you are pretty
Others ugly
But all of you are the same

Dear Mr. Anonymous
Please come out and play
Can’t you spare the time?

Don’t hide behind closed doors
In the dark
Fearful of me

I don’t bite
Not really
Just a little bark

Show your face
Tell your name
Tell me why

Why I’m not good enough
Why you are so cruel
Why you won’t face me

If you’re good enough
To stand in judgment
Over me

Tell me who you are
Show your face
And why

Why you are better
So that you can laugh
And poke fun at me

You know you’re not
That’s why you hide
And why you lie

I’m not afraid of you
My dear Mr. Anonymous
Because I know you

I don’t know your name
Or your face
But I know your heart

You lack the courage
Lack the guts
Lack the heart

To face me
To face others
To face yourself

Dear Mr. Anonymous
Please come out and play
Don’t be a coward

The author's comments:
You know my name, so please, tell me yours.

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