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As My Heart Beats

September 18, 2012
By Nabilah SILVER, Sawyer, Michigan
Nabilah SILVER, Sawyer, Michigan
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Lying on the white, brisk sand
The conversation absconds with the swaying breeze
So quiet, I could hear my heart
It’s Tempo flowing with the ocean waves

That’s when he looks at me
His Deep brown eyes
More breathtaking
then one’s first rich
velvety taste of

My pulse picks up
As I see through to his little flaws,
His Unbearable heart binding warmth
and in my dazed mind
I feel his affection
Soft as a pillow
Rap around me
Covering me from
My painful sorrows

Flustered with flaming intensity
Yet abashed with the idea of mortification
The risk sends a thrill through my veins
While Pure potent desire
Consumes me
Penetrating from my brain
Flowing down to my flaming hot lips

His radiant smile
Scintillating with the flaming sun
Provoked my staggering heart
Screaming with burning ravenous and voracious passion
a simple unintential scrape of his buttery soft hand
Emits a pure shot of heroin into my nervous system

Euphoric with passion, lust, and agonizing desire
I distinguish how the lingering air between us
Dissolves slowly
as the closeness
is so suffocating
My heart gives in

My breath accelerates
As my heart can’t beat any faster
Biting down on the fear
Faster than the attraction
Of opposing magnets
My lips cling to his
My lucid body burst into bubbles
The chemicals in my brain
Set me on fire
The touch of his hand
On my face
Take us into the clouds, where even the heavens
Couldn’t reach us
Nothing could compare
to this majestic moment
that could bring glorious
tears into the eyes
of even the most loathsome souls

As we came back down to earth
The harmonious sea came back into the atmosphere
Gazing at each other for a moment in amazement
I smile knowing even though it was just a kiss
These are the moments that only a great poet
like Shakespeare can capture

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