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October 24, 2012
By Nani22 SILVER, Jonestown, Pennsylvania
Nani22 SILVER, Jonestown, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
In the movie the Avengers
-(Thor) Loki is beyond reason. But he is of Asgard and he is my brother.
-(Black Widow) He killed 80 people in 2 days.
-(Thor)... He's adopted... ;-)

It flows through me
I can feel its passion and its meaning
And it brings me joy
It could be anywhere,
Like on the streets as
You hear the noises of the city.
The sound of a basketball
Bouncing up and down on the concrete,
The drum
The sound of children running on the sidewalks,
The beat
The sound of cars honking
And of children squealing in the streets,
The melody
I hear it everywhere
And it is wherever I go
A pencil tapping on a desk
The sound of keys on a keyboard
The sound of a child’s laughter
I can hear it as I go through life
And sometimes,
You just have to let the music out
You can feel its words release all stress or worries
And you feel lifted
You’ll forget about everything else
It disappears,
Like the dark goes away whenever light appears
Your problems become like the air
You know that they’re there
But you don’t see them
Music can heal a breaking heart, it can bring praise, it can keep cultures alive,
It can tell a story,
Or it can teach someone that everything is going to be okay
At the end of the day

The author's comments:
This was something that I did in my spare time, I was feeling inspired. Hope you like!

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